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Lip Gloss Lovin

There are few beauty products that women love more than lip gloss. Isn't it amazing how much more put together you feel after you're put on the last touch, your lip gloss? And isn't it amazing that even just buying a new lip gloss makes you feel so excited, like you just bought a completely new outfit? We love lip gloss, obviously, as we're sure that you do too. So we wanted to share our 5 favorite lip gloss picks for Spring/Summer... PLEASE let us know if you have any that you swear by, we're ALWAYS in the market for new gloss!

A great, sheer brown that gives your lips just the right amount of tint and shimmer. Nothing too much, but it's a great color for on top of lipstick if you're looking for a brown hue.

Our friends at ARISTRY sent us over this lip gloss to try, and we L.O.V.E. it! There are so many cool things about it. Such as, when you pull out the want, a little light goes on and on the side of the bottle is a mirror that you can use when applying the product to your lips. This way, if ever you're trying to gloss your lips while in a darker environment, there are no possible mistakes to make! What a genius idea! We also adore the color, Champage, as it's the perfect golden hue with just a little bit of shimmer. We basically haven't taken this gloss off since we got it!

Ahhh, Laura, you've won our affections yet again with your Lip Glac?� in Bonbon. What a fun, bright, color for Spring. Laura Mercier lip glosses are the absolute perfect weight of gloss, and your lips feel plump and perfect when you have her lip gloss' on. Bonbon is definitely a bold look, but you know that we love our bold trends for Spring!

You already know that we love Sonia Kashuk for Target products, so we were so excited when we picked up this bright lip gloss in 'Cheerful'. It has a great consistency, not too glossy and not too thin, and it's not as bright as it would appear in the picture, but it definitely does have a little bit of color to it, so wear it when you're in the market for a bolder look.

Do you deserve to treat yourself? You do, and Chanel Glossimer is the perfect way to do so. Our most expensive lip gloss obsession is also our all time favorite. Chanel Glossimer comes in a multitude (seriously, so many) of different colors, but our favorite this season absolutely has to be Pink Pulsion for it's fun pink color without being too over the top. Trust us when we say, that it looks much bolder in the picture than it does on the lips, and if you're in the market for a pink gloss (which you should be), then this is the way to go. With just the perfect formula of gloss, shimmer and color, you'll feel absolutely wonderful every time you apply a Chanel Glossimer.