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Manage Your Time to Become a Life Coach - Value Your Time and Be

When one decides to become a life coach, one commits himself in helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations. As a coach you are depended upon, thus you should be able to manage your time wisely. How can others have faith in you as a coach if you are seen to be struggling with your own difficulties in life?

One of the major difficulties a coach faces is not being able to value his own time. As a result he is not able to become a mentor in managing his clients' time.

If you have decided to become a mentor in time management you will need to first learn to value your time. To begin, you should first look at where you spend your time. How long does it take you to get ready for work, eat meals, etc.? These activities are your routine activities and have been part of your life, but in order for you to become a life coach there has to be changes made.

What are these changes? These changes are making time out of your routine to create something new and fresh out of your life. You will need to have time to get out of your fixed schedule and work on something new, work on what you want for your future and that is your goal to become a life coach.

In the beginning when you have scheduled a time to work on your goals, it will take some effort to stick to that time as you will discover there are many distractions. You may have to make some calls or receive them or other work that will keep you from having this special time on your hands. You will need to be firm and committed to your decision to be able to have anything done. As you become a mentor for other coaches you will need to show them that you are able to do it and so can they.

You will need to discover for yourself that in order to become a mentor you need to give importance to your time. You alone can make free time for yourself and when you have committed yourself to this time to work on your goals then this allows others to see you and follow your example. It is very important to set boundaries for yourself and make sure that you have what you set out to be accomplished is done on time. This will make you a more effective coach and mentor.