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Nuvva Nena Telugu Movie Story And Complete Review

Avinash (Allari Naresh) is really a pick-pocketing thief. He along with his cousin Chanti (Ali cheats a police and tries to hightail it with 60 Lakhs to Hyderabad from Amalapuram. Nevertheless, he comes across Dr. Nandini (Shriya) and falls deeply in love with her at the first sight. On the switch side, there is Anand (Sharwanand) a timid guy who comes for that treatment to Dr. Nandini through his father. Anand who gets frightened for really small things gets slowly curable with Nandini's treatment and with this regard he starts liking her. Both Avinash and Anand comes to about one another and the love towards Nandini and they begins their own game of impressing her and simultaneously destroying the each others image. In the imply time, enters the Don Aaku Bhai (Brahmanandam) that also falls for Nanidni. Will Avinash or Anand wins Nandini's love or Can there be any third person forms the crux.


Allari Naresh reaches his usual best. His comic timing and the way in which he utters one liners with high energy is very good. Sharwanand has done decent job in terms associated with comedy. Shriya is glamorous to watch out with regard to. She performed well and is definitely a deal with. Ali is humorous. Brahmanandam rocked the show within the hilarious don role. His character was neatly etch. Vimala Raman is okay in item number however the placement of the song is not apt. Others did a sufficient job.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is good; dialogues are apt using the needed punch. Direction is mediocre. Screenplay in the very first half is good while the second half looked from place. Editing is pathetic. Music by Bheems is alright as the background score by Mani Shama creates an effect. Production Values are mediocre.


Nuvva Nena is run-of-the-mill subject and audiences have experienced similar story many times while the director Narayana succeeded for making it a good first half he completely lost it the 2nd half. The narration in the second half isn't convincing also it looked draggy though the run time was associated with just 2 hours. The director lost the grip in the second hour and he has finally develop half baked product. The only plus point may be the actors performances including Shriya's glamour.

Final Verdict

Slim storyline, predictable and dragged climax combined with bad screenplay makes Nuvva Nena a unhealthy fare!!!