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The Importance of Brand Consistency

For some reason, some marketers just simply want to create new things all the time. At some point, they would like to change the logo title, or create a new tagline. Sometimes they would even go ahead and add a decorative icon, or maybe even make up a new name for the organization. Others would even go beyond by creating a new brand just because they have a new product, or maybe they are just getting tired of the old logo that's why they've decided to create a new one that is more colorful so that it would target the younger generation. However, the big reality is this. Creativity or out-of-the-box thinking is not necessary when it comes to the brand identity of your business. That is because; brand consistency is the only secret to success.

If a specific small business tries to establish enough repetition with their brand, their consumers would most likely program the brand's identity as a familiar recognized look, a familiar shape and feel in their brains. There is even a possibility that they will link these memories to things that are important to them. That is why it pays off to be consistent. Because if you have the tendency to always change the general look and feel of the brand, these links and associations that your customers were able to establish will likely break down as well.

There are possible ways in making certain that you don't fall into these kinds of tendencies.

Make sure that even before starting your business you already have a very good brand strategy and identity.

Your brand strategy and identity should always be based on the deep insight of your customers.

Consider thinking beyond your brand's architecture and identity system carefully. You have to anticipate that there is a possibility that new products, media, services and other applications may be developed on the future. So always have room for improvement.

You might also want to consider any possible changes in the industry or business model.

Always try to develop a brand identity guideline and standard so that you will be able to distribute them widely.

Your company should always have a brand identity enforcer or overseer.

If it is really necessary for you to reposition your brand for any reason, always consider the ways wherein you would still be able to preserve the present awareness and positive connections of the company while you are trying to move its brand to a newer position.

If changes are really necessary, keep in mind that minimal noticeable changes are always more effective rather than the extensive transformations.

Always think twice every time you feel like there is a need to change something with your brand's identity. If you really think about it, changes are at oftentimes not in the brand's best interest. Instead of thinking about the new ways of changing your brand's identity, why not use that talent so that you can develop newer products or maybe come up with a new marketing campaign and tactic. Remember, brand consistency is your secret weapon to success.

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